Lenzing Viscose

K-Eco Wood is powered by Lenzing Viscose, a premium viscose fiber by the Lenzing Group. Derived from renewable wood sources, particularly trees from certified and controlled forests, Lenzing Viscose has exceptional blend of natural softness, smooth texture, and breathable properties. These qualities make it a favored choice for a wide array of textile applications. 

A highlight of Lenzing Viscose lies in its eco-conscious manufacturing process, which rigorously adheres to stringent environmental guidelines. The implementation of a closed-loop production system by Lenzing ensures that the impact on the environment is minimized, emphasizing responsible resource utilisation, and a dedicated reduction in both emissions and water consumption. As a result, Lenzing Viscose emerges as a sustainable material option, catering to the needs of companies and consumers seeking to integrate environmentally friendly and ethically sourced fibers into their product lines.

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