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When selecting fabric for our collections, we prioritise both functionality and environmental sustainability.  Our current fabric selection utilises recycled bottles so we can actively contribute to a more eco-friendly approach to garment production. Our dedication to utilising recycled polyester emphasises our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. By incorporating trusted, high-quality recycled materials, we are actively contributing to the reduction of our environmental footprint.

At Kangarama, we are dedicated to integrating the finest fabric choices into our designs. Our latest collection will feature the cutting-edge combination of K-Biodegradable and K-Eco Wood, reflecting our commitment to both quality and innovation. By using these New Generation fabrics, we ensure that each product has superior comfort, durability, and a sustainable approach, delivering a positive impact on the environment and ensuring the end client receives the very best.          

Kangarama has an ongoing commitment to " MAKE THE CHANGE" Our continuous efforts to evolve and make good fabric selections will have a positive impact on our valued customers and the environment.

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