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At Kangarama, we firmly believe that social responsibility goes beyond compliance and lies at the very heart of our ethos and purpose. Our primary objective is to offer our customers a sense of comfort that goes beyond the physical touch of our products against their skin. We strive to provide them with the assurance that their choices align with responsible practices for the betterment of both people and the planet. We are committed to ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of all participants in the production and supply chain that culminate in our Kangarama products. Under the Kangarama umbrella, our social responsibility is focused on Environment preservation, Human Rights and Knowledge Sharing

We handpick and rigorously evaluate all our suppliers to ensure their compliance with social responsibility principles. Prior to establishing partnerships, we engage in discussions with our suppliers and maintain regular communication throughout the entire supply chain process and visit our suppliers. Additionally, we request an internationally recognised third-party auditor such as Sedex and Amfori to conduct assessments of social performance.


We select fabrics for Kangarama products with a primary focus on minimising waste generation. Whenever feasible we prioritise recycled options for our products. We ensure that new fabrics are manufactured with efficiency, aiming to minimise waste and maximise responsible use.  We only order what we require. Furthermore, we seek out suppliers who are adopting alternative energy sources. Our current manufacturer is using solar panels and a large portion of our production is using renewable energy.

Human Rights

In our unwavering commitment to deliver comfort to our customers, we place importance on ensuring the well-being of our employees and participants in our supply chain. We strive to provide good working conditions. We evaluate our suppliers based on essential indicators, including worker protection, non-discrimination, fair remuneration, occupational health and safety, absence of child labour, protection for workers against forced labour. We also request our Manufacturers have independent audits to ensure they meet expectations of Human Rights.

Knowledge Sharing

There is a global shift taking place, with increased awareness among individuals and companies about the environmental harm we are causing. This shift calls for the adoption of new and improved practices. At Kangarama, we are dedicated to staying informed and exploring research and development opportunities related to recycled and reusable products. Our goal is to support a positive impact through our products.

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