Road Map

Kangarama's ambition is to be at the forefront of social responsibility in the workwear apparel industry. We are committed to being transparent and specific about our sustainability strategy, ensuring that our customers have complete confidence in our products. Our focus is on delivering high-qualuty, safe, and reliable products.  We aim to minimise waste, prioritise recycled options and design garments that are made to last.

Social Responsibility

Maintain high social compliance across the supply chain, focusing on wages, labour, discrimination, and health.
Strengthen partnerships with suppliers to ensure shared commitment to social compliance.
Continue to request social compliance audits through 3rd party organizations like Sedex to monitor adherence to guidelines.
Create a code of conduct detailing Kangaram's key principles and practices when dealing with suppliers, we recognize that this responsibility requires a collective effort. At Kangarama, we are committed to protecting and respecting the human rights of all individuals in our business and that are connected to our supply chain.


Environmental Benefits: By 2025, ensure that all Kangarama products offer better environmental benefits compared to previous offerings.
Manufacturing Energy Efficiency: Improve energy efficiency in the apparel production process.Collaborate with current manufacturers to maximize energy efficiency, such as utilizing renewable energy sources like solar panels.Seek new suppliers that prioritise energy efficiency and implement sustainable practices.
Supply Chain Energy Reduction: Reduce energy consumption throughout the supply chain. Identify opportunities to streamline processes and minimise energy usage. Encourage suppliers to adopt renewable energy sources and energy-efficient practices.

Conscious Manufacturing

Eliminate fast workwear production, which promotes overconsumption and waste.
Shift towards a production model that responds to customer demand, reducing excess inventory and waste.
Implement forecasting techniques and manufacturing strategies to optimize production based on real-time customer needs.

Circular workwear

Actively research and source high-quality recycled or sustainable fabrics and construction techniques to ensure our products withstand use and has longevity.

Consumer Connection and Education

Engage consumers in the journey towards social responsibility and sustainability.
Communicate Kangarama's commitment to being a better workwear option for the environment.
Educate customers about the environmental benefits of Kangarama products.
Encourage consumers to make conscious choices by choosing Kangarama as a socially responsible and environmentally friendly brand.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Implement waste management strategies and recycling programs.
Explore circular economy models, such as product take-back programs and upcycling initiatives.
Educate employees and customers on the importance of waste reduction and encourage responsible consumption.
By 2025 Kangarama will no longer be using Plastic or compostable packaging when supplying products.

Continuous Improvement

Regularly evaluate and update the roadmap based on industry advancements, customer feedback, and emerging sustainability practices.
Collaborate with stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, and customers, to foster an ongoing culture of social responsibility and sustainability.
Set new goals and targets as previous milestones are achieved, ensuring continuous progress towards a more socially responsible and sustainable future.

ARTG registration

Collaborate with experts and industry partners to stay updated on the latest TGA regulations and requirements.

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