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anti-viral apparel
'Kangarama Scrubs is entered in the ARTG, (ARTG 349484)'


Taking Scrubs to Whole New Level.

Kangarama is a step forward, innovating and creating solutions. Discover our range which effectively protects against Viruses and Bacteria, thanks to our Arma Technology.  Modern, lightweight, environmentally positive and designed for functionality. Our scrubs are not only practical, but they also help keep contaminants away. 


Today, it is well known that textiles can support the growth of bacteria. In these challenging and uncertain times with the spread of viruses, Kangarama decided to keep working hard towards developing innovative solutions.  Our product is ARTG entered. 


Our Technology reduces the fabric from becoming a host to harmful Viruses and Bacteria. Fighting against bacteria and Viruses upon contacting the fabric and allowing a level of protection






Kangarama is constantly trying to play its part, it is our responsibility to take action and do what we can in reducing environmental impact. We are looking at solutions to shift towards a more sustainable pathway. 


At Kangarama we look to source responsibly. Our scrubs use post-consumer water bottles, ethically made, and designed to last, using environmentally friendly dyes that are packaged in compostable packaging.  We have designed our scrubs to last, as we are aware fast fashion comes at an environmental cost. 

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